AVL Drumkits

Fantastic kits from AVLinux and son


avldrums.lv2 is a drum sample player plugin dedicated to Glen MacArthur's AVL Drumkits. This self-contained plugin provides a convenient way to rapidly sequence and mix midi-drums.

The AVLdrums comes as four separate drum-kits: Black Pearl, Red Zeppelin, the Blonde Bop kit played with regular sticks and Blonde Bop Hot Rods played with rute sticks. There are 5 velocity layers for each of the 28 kits pieces or drum-zones for both kits.

Additionally there is a percussion set, called Buskman's Holiday.

The main benefits compared to loading the soundfont into a generic sample player are:

Demo Video




The different kits as well as the multi-out version are separate plugins, so the plugin itself has no configuration options. It is ready-to use directly after loading it. The installer contains 9 plugins:

Red Zeppelin Kit
Black Pearl Kit Blonde Bop Kit Blonde Bop Kit played with Hot Rods Buskman's Holiday Percussion Kit

Multi Channel Layout

The plugin ports are named, when using pin-management in Ardour or Mixbus, the names are displayed. Also fan-out will use the port-name as part of the created bus. For reference the 9 ports are

Kick (mono)
Snare (mono)
Hi-Hat (mono)
Tom (mono)
Floor-Tom (mono)
Cymbals (stereo)
Percussions (stereo)

(Note that multi-out is only available for the drum-kits. The Buskman's Holiday percussion kit is stereo only.)

Note Assignments (Drums)

The drumkit plugin uses MIDI notes 36 through 61. The five velocity layers are mapped to 1-26, 27-52, 53-77, 78-102, 103-127. Cymbal-hits are exclusive: a new hit stops the any active samples of the same cymbal.

Key#(Note)Drum SampleExclusive Group
35(B1)Stick Click (Blonde Bop kit only)
36(C2)Kick Drum
37(C#2)Snare SideStick
38(D2)Snare Ctr.
39(D#2)Hand Clap
40(E2)Snare Edge
41(F2)Floor Tom Ctr.
42(F#2)Closed HiHatA
43(G2)Floor Tom Edge
44(G#2)Pedal HiHatA
45(A2)Tom Ctr.
46(Bb2)Semi-Open HiHatA
47(B2)Tom Edge
48(C3)Swish HiHatA
49(C#3)Crash Cymbal 1 (left)B
50(D3)Crash Cymbal 1 Choked*B
51(D#3)Ride Cymbal TipC
52(E3)Ride Cymbal Choked*C
53(F3)Ride Cymbal Bell
55(G3)Splash Cymbal
57(A3)Crash Cymbal 2 (right)D
58(Bb3)Crash Cymbal 2 Choked*D
59(B3)Ride Cymbal ShankC
60(C4)Crash Cymbal 3 (large Paiste)

* Cymbal hit with only one velocity layer in Black Pearl, and Red Zeppelin (the Blonde Bop kits have layered chokes).

Note Assignments (Percussion)

The percussion plugin uses MIDI notes 35 through 55.

Key#(Note)Drum Sample
35(B1)Stick Click
36(C2)Cajon Thump
37(C#2)Finger Snaps
38(D2)Cajon Slap Left
39(D#2)Hand Clap
40(E2)Cajon Slap Right
41(F2)Large Conga Left
43(G2)Large Conga Right
44(G#2)Shake Tambourine
45(A2)Small Conga Left
46(Bb2)Bump Tambourine
47(B2)Small Conga Right
50(D3)Cymbal Bell
52(E3)Foot Stomp
54(F#3)Bell Tree Down
55(G3)Bell Tree Up